Constructor Theme – Another Great WordPress Theme

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Constructor is another great theme for WordPress website. Some even think it is better than Twenty Ten. If you like you can download it from here: Constructor Theme.

Constructor theme is rated 4 stars by 62 people as this post is written. I am also a satisfied user with this theme. Vintage Star Wars Figures is a website that I created a couple months ago using a child theme. What do you think?

Constructor is a many-in-one theme. It is for WordPress version 3 and up. It came with six layouts. In addition, it allows you to configure colors, fonts, slideshow all inside Customize under Appearance. Moreover, it is widget-ready theme. Building a unique blog/website using Constructor theme can not be easier. I bet you are going to like it too.

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Who Would not Like Twenty Ten – a WordPress Theme?

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Who would not like Twenty Ten– a WordPress theme that came with tons of useful features? Twenty Ten is a new default theme created for version WordPress 3.0 and on. Prior to that there was an old default theme created by Kubrick.

Twenty Ten makes so easy for you to customize your theme the way you like. It is a great theme. Not only it is stylish, customizable, simple, and readable but also it allows you to make your custom menu without touching any php codes. Besides it is so easy for you to change your header image and background – all can be done right inside your dashboard.

In addition, Twenty Ten supports six widgets. There are two sidebars – primary and secondary and four in the footer. This I have to say makes this theme look like a premium theme. Nevertheless, Twenty Ten allows you to have featured images to show off your slide shows of your sticky posts and pages. If you prefer to have one-column page without any sidebar, you can easily apply to one-column template. Moreover it includes stylesheets for print, admin Visual Editor, as well as posts in Asides and Gallery categories.

Below you will find three websites that are using this amazing theme. I have made some changes so they may not look like the original Twenty Ten theme any more. All of these three websites are using a child theme respectively so it inherits its parent’s traits. Creating a child theme will make your life a lot easier because you will save a lot of headaches for the future updates of Twenty Ten.

A picture of Disney park Hopper tickets site
 Disney Park Hopper Tickets

A picture of Cocalo baby bedding site
 Cocalo Baby Bedding

A picture of pop up camping tent site
 Pop Up Camping Tent

If you are interested in my work, let me know by sending me an email here: Contact Us. I will customize your theme the way you like it.

Cutline Theme Made Over

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Cutline theme is a WordPress theme that gets a lot of attention. One of the reasons is it is widget-ready. Another reason is it is pretty clean. And the most import reason might be it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. You can check out its original look here –  Cutline theme .

I wish I can find a live demo site for you. Searching around and I am out of luck. Anyway, I’ve been using Cutline theme since it first came out.  After that I’ve made big changes. Check out this website: Exploring The Internet you will know what I meant. If I haven’t told you that, you probably would not know that site is using a Cutline theme; would you?

Want to know how I’ve done it? Ask specific questions here I will try my best to answer them. Also I am ready for being hired if you are interested in my work. Basically you can pick any theme you want and I can make it over the way you like it. Thanks for visiting.

My Web Design Center

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Welcome to My Web Design Center. This is my first post. In the future I will talk about any tips and tricks that are related to So stay tuned for that…